George Lunt (1803-1885)
of Newburyport, Boston, and Scituate, Mass.

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This site is all about George Lunt of Newburyport, Boston, and Scituate, Massachusetts (1803-1885) – Lawyer, Legislator, Journalist, and Poet.

Did you know

- George Lunt played a role in a national incident about a fugitive slave, Shadrach Minkins, who was forcibly freed from a Boston federal courthouse?

- He was editor and owner of the Boston Courier, and outspoken opponent of abolitionists?

- He was acquainted with Longfellow, Daniel Webster, and other key figures of the 19th century?

- His wife's brother and brother-in-law were both key characters in Longfellow's "Tales of a Wayside Inn"?

- He was the grandfather of Thomas B. Meteyard, a painter and host to a painters' and poets' colony in Scituate?

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George Lunt - Illustration from Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography (1900)